Gilbert Consult Group
Gilbert Consult Group

Advisory Services for Early Stage Consumer Product Companies



We provide our clients with a broad spectrum of services that first and foremost cater to their needs at a specific time in their development and growth. We will help you to customize the right services at the right time.


Strategic planning – laying the groundwork for future execution, resource planning and success. Where do you fit on the competitive landscape and how do you remain dominant in your value proposition?


Entrepreneurial challenges – there are many common challenges that entrepreneurs face – usually not enough time and not enough money. Prioritization therefore becomes a key managerial skill. We will help.


Resource allocation – Normally every expenditure has a payback – or should. How do you evaluate expenditures and calculate their short term and long term value?


Mentoring – a founder should grow with the company and learn professional managerial skills. Having a guide along the way can be very helpful. We offer 24 x 7 availability because crises in your business can occur at any time.


Productive networking – how to utilize your personal and professional community for optimal results?


Go-to-market strategy – you only launch once, therefore it has to be executed to maximize impact and resources. This includes channel selection, targeting, launch timing, pricing models, and the use of public relations and social media. Our key strength is helping you navigate how to find your market.


Hiring – early stage companies can afford fewer mistakes since everyone takes on some many roles – let us help you with a 35 year experience in hiring.


International Expansion – having launched in over a dozen companies oversees, we can provide insights in how to not make extremely common mistakes.


Secondary financing – as growth continues, fuel for growth will require money. How to best obtain additional financing without pain for founders and founding investors?


Marketing – with limited resources, every dollar counts. Moreover one has to make choices on how to most effectively utilize limited marketing dollars. Our experience in direct mail, B2B, retail, eCommerce, and manufacturing will assist you in the best allocation of marketing dollars for your size of business.


Effective outsourcing – knowing when to outsource vs bringing tasks inhouse can maximize the time commitments for very busy CEO’s.


Licensing & Distribution agreements – at times, it makes sense to license your products – and some times it doesn’t. We will help you make the right decision, so that you don’t give away the farm.


Social marketing – in today’s market, taking advantage of alternative marketing channels is a necessity.